CamerEye Pool Alarm


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The CamerEye system includes:

  • Camera –  An all-weather camera with infrared technology enabling 24-hour monitoring.  The camera transfers real-time video via Wi-Fi to the CamerEye Smart Hub.
  • Smart Hub – Using proprietary software, artificial intelligent models and advanced semiconductor chips, the Smart Hub processes the video feed and identifies humans and distress activities that are communicated via alerts and alarms.  The Smart Hub plugs directly into the Wi-Fi router and stores event clips securely.  The Smart Hub is designed with LEDs and internal sirens to provide additional notification of activity and events.
  • Cabling – 1x 45 feet of outdoor electrical cable are provided to power the camera.  Additional lengths are available for installations with power sources located farther away from where the camera is mounted.
  • Warranty -1 year warranty is provided.
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Once connected to the CamerEye camera, a live stream is created to the smart hub where our trusted AI algorithms continuously monitor and analyze for human activity in or around the pool 24/7, and watch for distress events.

Simply install the Camera looking into your pool or spa. Power the camera using the power cable that comes with the box and connect it to the Wi-Fi network through the app. Once the camera is configured, it will stream live to the smart hub and then to your phone. Any distress or unwanted person presence will be automatically detected, and you will receive an audio and visual alert on the smart hub, alarm, and mobile app. View camera specs.


CamerEye is a virtual water watcher that will detect a person in or around the pool using our sophisticated and highly trained and adaptive, deep learning artificial intelligent models.

Once detected, an alert is sent to the user indicating human entry into the pool area. When there is someone in distress our trusted AI algorithms, developed and fine-tuned using several years’ worth of real distress detection data, can identify this behavior and notify the user, and sound an alarm.



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