The Future of the Pool Industry Now!


Ready for the future today?  Check out how AI and advanced technology are changing the pool industry, by CamerEye’s founder and CEO, Sai Reddy.

DESPITE BEING A large market, the pool industry consists of fragmented, disjointed and less digitalized solutions and stakeholders, including builders, service professionals and homeowners.
The future of the pool industry is about creating a seamless and fully integrated ecosystem of technologies that support pool builders, homeowners and service pros from the very start of the pool construction process all the way through service, maintenance and pool safety.

Imagine a world where AI and advanced technology solutions are part of every stage of the pool owner-ship lifecycle. During new pool builds, scalable solutions help builders intelligently design, monitor and manage the construction progress, followed by advanced code-approved safety technology that enables homeowners to pass safety inspections easily. Once the pool build is complete and handed over to the homeowner, a safety and smart pool platform connects the pool with service professionals for easier management and maintenance. This complete technology ecosystem supports monitoring, operations and maintenance, creating a smoother, more efficient and safer pool experience.

Let’s break down how technology advances each area in the pool eco-system and creates a new standard for the industry.


As the pool industry continues to grow, builders and homeowners are seeking innovative solutions to stream-line the pool construction process and ensure high-quality results. The power of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology will transform the way pools are built and monitored.

Design and Planning – Utilizing advanced AI technology can streamline the design and planning phase of pool construction. AI-powered software can generate 3D models in real-time, helping builders visualize the build during construction. Additionally, the software can provide cost estimates and materials lists to ensure that the project stays within budget and on schedule while also identifying stages and quality of the build.

Remote Monitoring – With remote construction software, builders can monitor construction progress without ever leaving the office, saving time and money on gas and travel expenses to job sites (potentially saving thousands of dollars a month). With AI-powered cameras capturing real-time images and video footage of the construction process, contractors track construction progress over time, set up time-lapse videos and identify any issues or delays. AI software can also keep track of sub-contractor time on the job site and help builders cross-verify invoices from subs.

Construction Progress – AI-powered cameras can be installed to view and capture real-time images and video footage of the pool construction process. This allows contractors to remotely monitor and track the construction progress over time, identify any issues or delays and take corrective action to keep the project on track. By using AI-driven models, builders can analyze the stages and quality of the build, such as excavation, installation of plumbing, and electrical work, and provide a detailed report of the project status with visuals. With time-lapse videos, builders can review the entire process and share it with home-owners for their own use.

Quality Control – With AI technology, builders can ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. AI can also track the progress of construction and ensure that the pool is constructed according to specifications.


As we look toward the future of pool safety, it’s clear that advanced technologies such as AI and sensors will play a critical role in keeping both builders and homeowners safe. Let’s explore how some of this technology can be leveraged to enhance pool safety at every stage of the process.

Construction Safety – Incorporating cutting-edge technology at the construction site can identify and address potential safety risks before they escalate into accidents. For example, AI cameras and sensors can detect any unsafe behavior, differentiate people and pets from other objects in the construction zone, and alert workers and supervisors accordingly.

Pool Alarm Inspection – Innovative technologies like AI-powered cameras meet pool safety regulations and standards to pass inspection and be passed on to homeowners for pool safety.

Homeowner Pool Safety – With AI-enabled devices, homeowners can monitor and detect any activity in and around their pool. For instance, cameras and sensors can detect and differentiate pets or people around the pool and alert users in real-time, helping prevent accidents and promote safety. In cases of distress, these devices can also sound alarms to users via various devices within seconds, providing peace of mind and an extra layer of protection.

With AI-enabled devices, home-owners can monitor and detect any activity in and around their pool. Cameras and sensors can detect and differentiate pets or people around the pool and alert users in real-time.


Technology can play a critical role in revolutionizing how we approach pool maintenance. By leveraging AI and advanced technology, pool care can be more efficient, effective and environ-mentally sustainable. Here are some key ways in which technology can assist in total pool care and management:

Pool Health – Utilizing AI-software insights into the pool’s health can help to address any issues before they become major maintenance problems, saving huge costs and time for pool care. By analyzing data from sensors and other sources, AI can identify potential issues such as leaks, clogged filters, or imbalances in chemical levels. This allows for proactive maintenance and prevents minor problems from turn-ing into major ones. Pool owners can also have real-time access to the pool’s health status and receive alerts when any issues arise.

Chemistry – AI-powered sensors and monitoring ecosystems can directly or indirectly monitor the water’s chemical levels and detect any issues, such as pH imbalances or chlorine levels that are too low. This helps prevent potential health hazards and ensures that the pool is safe. The system can also detect when water levels and chemistry change and then send a report to the pool company to alert the customer. If the customer is not at home, they can make a service call to address the issue.

Automation – AI-powered robots can clean the pool’s surface, walls and floor, minimizing the need for human intervention. Advanced technology, such as smart pumps and filters, can also automatically adjust the pool’s water flow and filtration based on usage and environmental conditions. This automation not only saves time and labor costs but also ensures that the pool is operating efficiently and at optimal levels.

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability – AI and advanced technology can also help increase the energy efficiency of pool maintenance. By analyzing the pool’s energy usage, AI can recommend energy-saving measures such as the use of LED lighting and high-efficiency pumps and filters, often resulting in huge energy savings for the homeowner. This also contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.


At the forefront of the pool industry, we recognize the transformative potential of AI and advanced technology in creating a more connected and sustainable pool ecosystem. By integrating innovative approaches, we can make pool construction, safety and care more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly, creating a better ownership experience.

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Sai Reddy is the founder and CEO of CamerEye, a leading AI smart pool platform for advancing pool safety and wellness. Sai is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who previously was part of the founding team at PXiSE, an AI-based data software company that pioneered the use of prediction and smart controls for large renewable power plants. PXiSE was acquired by a giant automation manufacturer, Yokogawa, in 2020. Sai is an inventor of eight patents, featured in more than 15 publications and sits on several advisory committees, including ASTM, NDPA and PHTA. Contact CamerEye at [email protected], 800-906-2810 or visit their website at