CamerEye Gen 1 System

Gen 1 is available through local dealers while supplies last.

Pool Alarm - Artificial Intelligence Pool Monitor - CamerEye

CamerEye - AI Smart Fence Person Detection for Peace of Mind

CamerEye - Fastest Human Distress Detection for Peace of Mind
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Keep a CamerEye on Your Pool 24/7

CamerEye is an AI camera-based product that creates a 24/7 safety and security ecosystem that can detect distress or near-drowning behavior through AI-powered overhead cameras. With our Smart Fence technology, you can customize monitoring areas and adjust on/off functionality. CamerEye keeps you informed and in control of your pool at all times.

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Camera(s) monitor the pool in real-time


The smart hub performs highly trained artificial intelligence (AI) detections


Users get alerted when an event (person, unusual activity) is detected


Mobile App Available On All Platforms

CamerEye - Virtual Water Watcher, Pool Alarm, Artificial Intelligence Based Pool Alarm

Easy-to-Install Camera AI Smart Fence System for your Pool

CamerEye creates a safety and security ecosystem to help MONITOR your pool 24/7, DETECT distress or near-drowning behavior through AI powered overhead cameras, and receive an ALERT when distress is being detected. CamerEye keeps you connected to your backyard as a part of your smart home ecosystem while providing another "eye" on your pool for peace of mind.


Great memories are made in and around the pool. Every pool owner’s priority is for non-swimmers, visiting grandchildren, or neighborhood friends to be safe and have fun. CamerEye adds another layer of safety.


When response time is critical and every second is crucial, CamerEye makes all the difference. Detection alerts on the mobile app, camera, and cell phones can enable quicker response.


With customizable monitoring areas, cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, high-performance cameras, and immediate alerts, CamerEye creates a 24/7 safety and security system that boosts your peace of mind.

Customize Monitoring Areas and Configure Alert Functionality with Smart Fence AI Technology

CamerEye - State of the Art Drowning Detection System