Creating Safer, Smarter Pools

CamerEye CARES supports our overall mission of creating safer, smarter pools through water safety advocacy, and charitable and research initiatives that support families and communities.

We exist for every child, every family for their safety and peace of mind.


Water is an integral part of our identity, and ensuring safety is our utmost priority. CamerEye CARES, our company's initiative, embodies our mission to advance water safety.

Through innovative AI technology and advanced cameras, our groundbreaking CamerEye smart pool safety system aligns with the widely recognized "layers of protection" strategy to prevent drowning.

At CamerEye, we are committed to going beyond the surface to proactively safeguard lives and, to that end, engage daily in the following water safety initiatives:

1. Legislative and Code Changes on the Federal and State Levels

Through advocacy and support for drowning prevention pending state and federal bills, providing expert insight to policymakers, contributing safety language legislative  responses to the risk area, to better, joining support letters in partnership with non-profit stakeholders, and contributing to  code crafting and enforcement initiatives, including:

  • The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act Reauthorization
  • FY2024 Congressional appropriations request to fund the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) drowning research and prevention program at $5,000,000.
  • International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC) adoption in states and municipalities around the country.

2. Safety Code Compliance Programs & Initiatives

IAPMO listing, ISPSC and ICC adoption of codes and standards, Inspector Initiatives, Builder Council membership and Energy & Conservation - Water Sense efforts (with the Environmental Protection Administration).

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3. Safety Standards and Recommendation Committees

ASTM International, leading the "Technology" sub-task team for ASTM Committee F15 - Computer Vision Based Drowning Detection Systems for Residential Swimming Pools. Also a member of the "Draft" sub-task team.

US National Water Safety Action Plan (USNWSAP) Sub-Committee Member for Barriers / Entrapment / Electrical Safety Working Group Member contributing to "Types of Barriers - Technology" and "Enforcement" sub-groups.

4. Drowning Prevention Programs

Support and education, in partnership, with the non-profit community and federal government agencies including NDPA, American Red Cross, PHTA’s Step Into Swim, Safe Kids Worldwide, and the Pool Safely Campaign Collaborator.


5. Pool Safely Campaign Partner

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)


6. CamerEye safety programs and education

Speaker sessions, webinars, media interviews, contributed articles and more.

7. Swim Lesson Donations

For every CamerEye unit purchased, we will donate a swim lesson.

We welcome you to join us on our mission to advance water safety and protect more lives.

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