General Ordering Guidelines


To ensure optimal coverage of your pool area, it's important to consider the size and distance when selecting the number of cameras needed. For pools wider than 20 feet or longer than 30 feet, you may need more than 1 camera when placing them along the width of the pool. If your pool exceeds 24 feet in width or 40 feet in length, two or more cameras are necessary. Additionally, if the installed camera is less than 10 feet from the closest point in the pool, additional cameras may be needed to provide complete coverage of the pool.

Power Cables

If you have a power outlet in your backyard and it is less than 35 feet from the camera mounting spot, you do not need to order extra cables. If the power outlet is more than 35 feet from the camera mounting spot you may need a power extender cable as per the distance.

You can purchase power cables from Amazon using the the links below:

Wi-Fi Extender

If the Wi-Fi router is less than 100 feet (approx.) from the backyard or the pool area, then you may not need a Wi-Fi extender. If it is more than 100 feet, we recommend adding a Wi-Fi extender for enhanced reliability.

You can purchase extenders from TP-LINK using the the links below:

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (2.4 GHz)

If CamerEye is being installed on a "green field" site (a new construction site where there is no existing Wi-Fi) or a remote pool location, then you may need to have a hotspot to create a network connection for the cameras to connect. Please note that it needs a SIM card to operate it.

You can purchase a (tested) Wi-Fi Hotspot from Amazon using the the link below:

Other Add-Ons: