Pool Safety Standards

CamerEye™: The First Camera-Based Pool Alarm System to Meet ASTM and UL2017* Pool Safety Standards

CamerEye’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-vision pool ecosystem is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and to ensure reliability and maximize customer's peace of mind.  It’s the:

CamerEye™ Edge: The First Camera-Based Pool Alarm System to Meet ASTM F2208 and UL 2017* standards that offers comprehensive perimeter and in-pool protection

Only System that is listed in accordance with ASTM Type A, B and C - "Perimeter Alarm that Senses Before Entry into Water" detecting people and pets before entering the water, "In-pool Alarm that Senses Entry into Water"

Approved to replace floating pool alarms, door alarms, in-pool splash alarms, mesh fences, and safety covers for building code purposes

Complies with pool barrier laws in 35+ states

Sleek, providing 24/7 protection while maintaining pool aesthetics

** UL 2017 listing in progress

CamerEye Edge System AI Pool Safety, Inspection and Care

Important Pool Safety Standards and Resources

This page contains information about widely adopted pool safety standards such as ASTM and UL 2017. Codes such as ISPSC (International Swimming Pool and Spa Code) adopt these standards.

These specifications deal with the performance requirements for pool alarms for residential swimming pools and spas. This specification is not intended to replace other standard safety requirements that should be in place, that is, adult supervision, fences, gates, locks, and so forth.

Solving State Regulatory and Everyday Use Challenges with One System

When it comes to pool safety, not all alarms are created equal. In several states like California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas, homes with new pools are required to have at least one ASTM-compliant alarm for a new pool permit or moving into an existing home with a pool.

However, despite passing state-mandated inspections, these compliant pool alarms offer pool owners short-lived value. They are often complicated, cumbersome, unreliable, and outdated, resulting in high false alarms that quickly become a nuisance.

Keeping your loved ones safe in and around the pool should be simple…That's where CamerEye steps in.

Check your city or state for the safety code or requirements:

Here are Standards Links for Further Reference: 

  • ASTM - Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms
  • UL 2017 Standard for Safety General-Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems
  • UPC - International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
  • ISPSC - Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools
  • ASTM - Product Listing Certification
  • Permitting Considerations

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