The AI Smart Pool System

Revolutionizing Pool Safety, Maintenance and Automation.

We understand that you want an easier and smarter way to keep your family safe and take care of your pool, so you can relax and feel more at ease.

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Pool Safety and Care.
Smarter Than Ever.

A complete system all wrapped up into one easy-to-use app.  Everything you need at your fingertips to immediately:

Better protect your family and pets

Improve your pool care

Save time and money

Give you peace of mind

How It Works


Trusted by Top Pool Builders and their Customers

A Safer, Smarter and Sustainable Pool

Get the visual intelligence you need with CamerEye’s advanced AI technology and camera system


Oversee and manage your pool’s safety, maintenance and automation


Monitor, detect and be notified about what really matters


Check the status of your pool safety and readiness from the palm of your hand

Here’s How:

  • Constant monitoring 24/7 with a second set of eyes on the pool
  • Detection and alerts for toddlers, people and pets in and around pool areas, differentiating from other moving objects, which reduces false alerts
  • Detection and alarms for swimming distress within seconds for fast response
  • Meets stringent pool safety codes
  • Smarter insights of pool health and usage through the data dashboard to reduce maintenance and costly repairs
  • Integrated features that grow with your pool and family needs
  • Upcoming AI-assisted automation features to provide ease, convenience and cost savings, and reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint.

This is the Peace of Mind you’ve been looking for!

Have fun, relax with friends, and enjoy your family’s pool experience.

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Let Us Give You A Helping Hand

We’re here to help provide you with a safer, smarter and more sustainable pool experience.


After all, pool life is all about making fun a priority, not a stress.

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