CamerEye Approved as the First Camera-Based AI-Powered Pool Alarm to Meet ASTM F2208-08 Standards

Certified as the only Type C Perimeter Alarm that senses human entry into water 

SAN DIEGO, CA — May 24, 2022 – The CamerEye™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety system has just been certified as the first and only camera-based pool alarm to meet  ASTM F2208-08 pool safety standards. The intuitive alarm system can help pool owners, pool builders, and inspectors add an extra layer of safety without compromising regulatory compliance, budgets, or bottom lines.

CamerEye is also the only pool alarm system to be listed as a Type C “Perimeter Alarm that Senses Entry into Water”, which can specifically detect people (infants, kids, adults) and pets before they enter the water.

CamerEye also conforms to UL 2017 and can replace door alarms, floating pool alarms, and in-pool splash alarms in some cities and counties, while adhering to the most stringent pool inspection and safety standards to meet ISPSC code.

Safeguarding Pool Areas 24/7

Unlike conventional pool alarms that trigger when toys, birds, and non-human objects approach, blow in the wind or fall into pools, CamerEye ensures that owners get critical alerts without compromise. 

CamerEye’s unique AI safety system monitors the pool area 24/7 and detects the difference between humans and pets, versus other moving objects.  It provides very early-stage detection by creating a virtual Smart Fence around a pool via an AI overhead camera system, which then sends distinct alerts for both people and pets crossing the Smart Fence perimeter.  

CamerEye then alarms owners at the first sign of when it detects humans experiencing early water distress and near-drowning behavior through the power of AI vision.

Robust features ensure that alerts are delivered immediately, and accessible from anywhere:

  • Multiple alarm locations ensure that alarms sound inside and outside
  • Alarms sound at 95 dB (10 dB over required) to ensure they are clearly audible
  • The alarm automatically resets after three minutes as required by ASTM standards
  • Owners can get additional notifications on the included CamerEye app for continuous pool area monitoring from anywhere

Solving State Regulatory and Everyday Use Challenges with One System

Multiple major states, including California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas, require all new homes with pools to have at least one ASTM-compliant alarm to pass inspection for a new build or an escrow transaction.  While ASTM-compliant pool alarms successfully pass state-mandated inspections, their value to pool owners is often short lived.  Many pool alarms are complicated, cumbersome, and oftentimes unreliable, and become a nuisance quickly due to high false alarms.

“CamerEye isn’t just a pool alarm—it’s a complete AI-powered camera-based security and safety ecosystem designed to provide long-term value beyond passing inspections,” elaborates Sai Reddy, CEO and founder of CamerEye.  “With full ASTM F2208 and UL 2017 compliance, it’s the only system on the market that offers comprehensive perimeter and in-pool protection without compromising personal aesthetics.“

For questions about pool safety codes, alarm standards or to learn more about CamerEye, visit, call toll-free at (800) 906-2810, or email [email protected].   CamerEye is also seeking pool builders and service affiliates and dealers for all territories.  Visit for details.


CamerEye’s mission is to make the world a safer place and help save lives by reinventing swimming pool and backyard safety using sophisticated, advanced technology and artificial intelligence detection solutions that provide peace of mind and help to reduce risk. The San Diego, CA-based company exists to continually reinvent and refine safety using technology and artificial intelligence and take safety to a deeper level.