CamerEye Core System AI Pool Safety and Care

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CamerEye CORE is the complete AI Smart Pool System for pool safety and maintenance to better protect your family and pets, improve your pool care and give you more peace of mind.

The CamerEye CORE system includes:

AI Camera
Experience the smartest all-weather infrared camera with a built-in advanced AI chip for 24-hour video monitoring with seamless 1080p video streaming. Unique AI tracking capabilities identify and track humans and pets as well as person behavior over a period of time. The internal 95 dB internal siren provides sound-based notifications. The camera connects to the CamerEye secure IoT cloud platform via Wi-Fi or power over ethernet (PoE).
A 35-foot outdoor 12V DC power supply cable extension is provided to power the camera. Additional lengths are available for installations with power sources located farther away from where the camera is mounted.
CORE App Features
of limited app-based features for monitoring, detecting and notifying you for what matters.
*upgrade available for Max features in the app to get all the great AI features for a safer, smarter, more sustainable pool experience.
Also includes
Mounting kit, screws, bracket, template, plastic sleeves for mounting into stucco. User manual. Monitoring sticker. Warranty card. Screws and plastic sleeves.
1 year warranty is provided

Ships in Q1 2024



Indoor Siren Alarm


Users desiring additional siren alarms to be placed in various locations inside and outside of the home such as garage, basement, upstairs bedrooms, outdoor living areas and more can add additional alarms to their installation. Simple install with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection to a router using the CamerEye App. Meets ASTM F2208 requirements.


Ships Q4

WiFi Door/Window Sensor 2-pack (contains 2 door/window sensors)


Additional sensors can be placed on every door and window that provides access to the pool from inside to meet UL 2017 compliance. Users desiring extra door and window sensors can add them via the CamerEye app with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection to a router.


Ships Q4