CamerEye’s is now fully compliant with the Florida Pool Safety Statute!

CamerEye is the first AI system to meet compliance, thanks to the guidance of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). It’s also the FIRST AI system that meets both UL 2017 and ASTM F2208 Type A, B and C pool alarm code requirements and replaces traditional alarms.

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Limited quantities available for the remainder of the year. Contact CamerEye to secure your order today.

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The Future of the Pool Industry Now!

Ready for the future today?  Check out how AI and advanced technology are changing the pool industry, by CamerEye’s founder and CEO, Sai Reddy. DESPITE BEING A large market, the pool industry consists of fragmented, disjointed and less digitalized solutions and stakeholders, including builders, service professionals and homeowners.The future of the pool industry is about…

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Pool Safety With AI

J Designs Pool and Spa has 15 years of educating its customers on the best protective enhancements to ensure the highest level of water safety. As the world dives deeper into the technology age, they are vigilant about educating customers about what products are available and their practical applications within their pools. This article will unpack one vital layer of protection in water safety and pool alarms with the added safety barrier of artificial intelligence.

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