What is “bather load”, how do you calculate it and how is it used?

“Bather load” refers to the quantity, or “load” of the people and pets who have been in the pool. Our AI engine tracks both the quantity and duration of pool user and then outputs a bather load factor. This factor is then used to power aspects of the Pool Health experience in the CamerEye app.

Once a Pool Pro visit is tagged in the system by a user, the Bather load factor resets to 0 and then the system begins calculating and accumulating bather load again.

Because many factors impact pool health relative to bather load (e.g. size, temperature, starting PH, etc.) our AI-derived calculation is not a full measure of how much bather load is affecting your pool’s health. It is, however, a good directional metric for how much your pool has been used between Pool Pro visits and we hope you find it helpful. 

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