What is the difference between events, notifications and an alarms?

An “event” occurs when the system detects an object in the pool area, (e.g. person, pet, Toddler candidate or Pool Pro candidate) and also when the system detects a potential distress event.

The system sends notifications of events which you can configure in the settings area of the app.

By default, all events will trigger a notification on your phone. Also by default all distress events will trigger a notification on your phone as well as the siren.

Distress events are the key safety feature of CameraEye and the way CamerEye can let you know that you may have a drowning event. All other notifications tell you that a person, toddler or pet is in the pool area.

To learn more about turning off alerts, please click here. To learn more about adjusting distress alarms, please click here.

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