Why is there a “beta” flag next to toddler events?

Our primary mission at CamerEye is to keep people safe in the pool and prevent drownings.

Because toddlers are particularly vulnerable, we are developing ways to determine the difference between a toddler and an adult so that we can notify users when a toddler is detected near the pool. As this capability is refined, we anticipate having more false positives than we would typically allow before releasing a feature.

But because toddler detection is such a big opportunity to keep people safe, we have  released toddler detection under the beta flag so that users can start to take advantage of this unique feature. If you find that you are getting too many notifications about toddler detection or if this feature is not applicable to your particular use, you can turn off toddler alerts in the settings area. Click here for more information about turning alerts on/off.

Please click here for more information about what “beta” means.

Please remember, any safety mechanism can fail, and it’s up to all of us to keep vigilant even with strong safety systems such as CamerEye.

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