What is “beta”?

At CamerEye, we want to continuously add value to your CamerEye experience, so sometimes as we develop new features and data points, we will release them right away, but mark them as beta to indicate that these features are new and still being polished. 

Our team works hard to prepare all features for full scale release, but some features, like data derived from our AI engine, benefit from user interaction to be refined. Other features are marked “beta” as a disclaimer that they don’t yet meet the very high accuracy thresholds we set for ourselves at the time of release. 

In these instances, we mark the feature as “beta” but still deliver it to the end user. Eventually, the beta flag will be removed.

Please use caution when using the beta features as they relate to the safety of your pool and remember, any safety mechanism can fail, and it’s up to all of us to keep vigilant even with strong safety systems such as CamerEye.

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