What is SmartEyeQ?

CamerEye is about safety first and foremost, but it’s also about helping you enjoy your pool in a deeper and more carefree way. The SmartEyeQ experience presents data about your pool and pool usage in order to help you get the most out of your pool experience. SmartEyeQ creates data by applying machine learning to the video from your CamerEye camera. More specifically, SmartEyeQ is divided into two key sections: Swims and Pool Health.

Swims data are data about the frequency and duration of your pool usage and usage is further divided into People and Pets. The frequency and duration are represented in handy charts as well as a timeline of swim events, filterable by date and type.

Pool Health data gives you a headline score of your pool health, from dirty to clean as well as detail about “bather load” (What is “bather load”?) and “skim” data (What is “skim” data?). Pool Health is also tied to your pool maintenance by a Pool Pro and the feature shows your last Pool Pro visits as logged by you, the user.

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