What is Smart Siren Mode and how do I turn it on or off?

Smart Siren Mode can be thought of as a “preset” or “recipe” for all event notifications.

In smart siren mode you will receive a push notification for all events, a quick beep on the siren for person detection events, and siren alarms for distress events. Additionally, Premium Members will continue to receive SMS and Phone Calls to their list of recipients in the call-a-friend settings in the case of a distress event.

This is the mode most users want their system in, although it is off by default and may not be compliant with all building code safety requirements.

You can put your system in Smart Siren Mode by going to the settings area and clicking on Smart Siren mode.

If, on the other hand, you want the siren to sound for all events, including person or pet detection, turn off Smart Siren Mode by clicking the menu at the top left of the app, then click settings and then click Smart Siren Mode under Siren Settings.

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